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Facebook Debate on Governance of Odisha in Odia Language

Bhasha-Andolan-ResumesThe Orissa Official Language Act, 1954: Without punishment provision, will the ‘Governance of Odisha in Odia Language’ become a Reality? Why Odisha Government fears to add Punishment Clause to the Act?

Tarini Prasad Sahoo: It will be possible only if Government includes the provision for penalty and punishment for the violators. But, This Government fears to add this provision because the leader of the ruling party and Chief Minister of Odisha will be the first and foremost Violator of the Orissa Official Language Act.

Deepak Kumar Prusty: Because first target will be the CMO, which will be the prime violator of the rule… 16 years study – Matric Fail in Odia.

Shishir Gamang: First of all it’s not an easy process to implement this, it will take at least 5 years to be a reality.

Jagannath Satapathy: It has no meaning until Punishment provision is added, as nobody in Odisha voluntarily will do that.

Charulata Panigrahi: Punishment provision adds meaning to every Rule. Without it, Acts and Rules vanish in air.

Prakash Bhuyan: First CM will be punished…Neither he will speak nor write in Odia, which will be treated as violation of Orissa Official Language Act.

Laxminarayan Kanungo: The Government says action can be initiated against the violators under existing ‘Government Servant Conduct Rules’.

Pabitra Maharatha: The Odisha Government is not serious on the issue of Governance of Odisha in Odia Language. By not adding the punishment clause, it has tried to dilute the Act. We can’t let this happen. Our battle will continue.

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