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Facebook Debate on Hockey World Cup & Politics

ONI Bureau: The Government says it aims at making Odisha the Sports Capital of India by holding events like Hockey World Cup. Opposition calls it of money and resources as well as brand building of CM Naveen. We had asked you for your views on this matter on our Facebook platform. Here are the responses:

Dilip Kumar Joshi: It’s not only branding Odisha, but also showcasing our strength. One shouldn’t do politics on everything.

Jagannath Satapathy: Undoubtedly, the stake of Odisha has substantially increased after successfully hosting the Hockey World Cup. So, everybody including opposition shall laud this effort.

Nrusingha Nanda Panigrahy: Those who are criticising the Hockey World Cup, are doing out of enviousness. Nobody can deny the fact that entire world came to know about Odisha and its culture due to this Hockey World Cup.

Chandan Pattnaik: Hosting big sporting events is a very good initiative, but along with it, the Govt should develop proper infrastructure and provide facility to sportspersons so that they can excel at international level. Only holding big events won’t be beneficial to the sportspersons in the state.

Ramachandi Prasad Ranasingh: Some people are born negative and indulge in criticism only all the time. Some others see politics in everything and are forced to criticise due to political compulsion. Hockey World Cup is a wonder initiative and enhanced Odisha’s image nationally and internationally.

Chittaranjan Tripathy: Does not matter whether you do good or bad, Critics will always criticise. I think it is a very good decision taken by present Govt. The Odisha Govt can visualize the benefits in future.

Sai Papu: A state which is reeling under burden of loans should not have wasted such huge money in the name of sports. You can spend if you have enough money. Govt is following Rishi Charbak: Jabam jibet sukham jibet, Runam krutwa ghrutam pibet.

Debapriya Das: Hockey World Cup is a world event, meant to be extravagant. In today’s time of globalisation, you can’t survive clinging on to the age old practices of communism. And, as long as the allegations of own brand building of the CM is concerned, there is no harm in getting some political mileage if you are doing good public work.

Acharya Biswa: This is very good step by Government of Odisha which creates a global brand of the State. If any good work or remarkable work is done, some people may criticise it as image building. That is not right.

 Shishir Gamang: I think a sports event like this should not be politicized or debated unnecessarily.

Pramod Kumar Sahu: “Sports” in a economically backward state like Odisha, where basic amenities such as health and education sector which rank among the worst in a global scenario, is considered as an elite class object. Improvement in quality of life, happiness index as well as sports is desirable.

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