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Facebook Debate on India’s Peformance at Big Events like Olympics

Rio Olympics -Abhinav BindraLike all previous Olympics Games, Indian sportspersons are struggling to get a medal at Rio 2016. Why our Sportspersons falter at the last hurdle? Why medals elude India at Olympics?

Amit Patel: Mental strength matters in Olympics, not only physical strength.

Marshal Panda: All other sports have been sacrificed at the altar of cricket!

Chennubhotla Bapujee: Winning medals at the Olympics indicates normally the health (affordable through wealth) of the country. Unless majority of the population get good food to eat, proper training/coaching at a younger age, we may not be able to see the best out of our sportspersons at global events.

Kumarmani Meher: We get delighted to secure a berth at the Olympics. Other country celebrate after getting a gold. Basic difference of mindset…

Rahul Barrick: Modern sports require a lot of money for training the sportspersons, providing them the best kits (which are often very expensive), providing them nutrient-rich food (which 75% or more Indians do not get), getting the services of medical experts, gadgets and other machinery etc. These are often not available to Indian sportspersons. Ironically, Indian youth still feel insecure about their future in Sports except Cricket.

Kailash Biswal: Success formula is same for all profession. In Sports, we lack physical and mental toughness as well as modern scientific training.

Sujata Dehury: Sports as a profession (barring cricket) needs encouragement of the superior kind. Proper talent search, international standard to raise the talents (it includes living standards, diet, mental toughness) are essential. Indian sporting talents are stuck in a strange kind bureaucratic set up, half their time is spent fighting a setup. some succeed, most falter.

Jagadish Pradhan: It is the people who don’t bother to watch any sports except cricket. If people encourage the sportspersons, it would motivate them. Now Lawn Tennis is popular in india because people encourage it.

Nagendra Sharma: Before the competition, our political parties and government announce the prize money…Also, our sportspersons don’t give 100%..

Debi Prasad Mahapatra: Lack of promotion of sports, unavailability of skilled Indian coaches and lack of self-confidence to go for the kill.

Sachida Nanda Swain: I would say the encouragement from government is very less! No proper training facilities provided. The way cricket has been popularized, it should have been done to other sports too. One more important aspect is, our sportspersons get nervous at big stages like Olympics, as they lack mental toughness. So, when the physical training is going on, they should be provided with high class psychologists too to motivate them to excel in highest level!

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