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Facebook Debate on need of building more Projects on Mahanadi

Mahanadi-OdishaShould Odisha Govt focus on building more projects on Mahanadi River in the larger interest of the State?

Ayas Das: Yes, one must downstream Sonepur town as Mahanadi gets major portion of water through Tel River and Hati River. During floods, Tel River creates havoc. We just have one barrage in Cuttack. We need more.

Charulata Panigrahi: Tikarpada project got stuck. It could have been a nice one. What to expect from the present govt?

Dilip Kumar Joshi: Yes we need dam/barrage on Mahanadi, but with justified & clear rehabilitation policy.

Ajit Dash: Odisha Govt. will do nothing.

Gayatri Sahoo: Yes.. But, Odisha Government only focuses on building new projects, not in implementing and achieving the target.

Laxmikant Rout: Yes, at least now Odisha Government should have a development plan which will decide how efficiently Mahanadi water to be used.

Sanjay Kumar Sandha: Yaa, definitely. But unfortunately, this Government does not have the intent. They do only vote bank politics.

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