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Facebook Debate on Peace & Harmony in Society

PeaceWho is responsible for disturbing Peace and Harmony? Politicians, Media or Hatred in our Mind?

Dilip Kumar Joshi: Both Media & Politicians are responsible to spread the hatred in the society. They are only dividing the society on the basis of cast/Creed/religion, which disturb our peace & harmony.

Sujata Dehury: A cocktail of everything. We Indians are largely hypocrites, minding other people’s business than clearing our head and hearts. We are cocooned and biased about understanding human nature, making life more complicated than simplifying it.

Rahul Barrick: In our society, it is the responsibility of every individual to preserve harmony and protect individual rights. Sold Media in the hands of corrupt politicians disturb peace and harmony for their own benefits.

Shishir Gamang: All are responsible but certain media houses seem to have overtaken all.

Charulata Panigrahi: It’s the politicians for vote, It’s the media for money. They are the creators of disturbances. General public always love peace and harmony.

Devi Prasad Misra: To some extent all the elements contribute. But the major share of communal tensions can definitely be attributed to the politicians. Communal tension in the country is only because of vote bank politics played by the political parties. And of late, electronic media is playing a big role in spreading this hatred.

Vijaya Singh: Media in cahoots with the politicians.

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