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Facebook Debate on Women Empowerment in Sports

Dipa KarmakarAfter witnessing the Indian Women Power at Rio 2016, is it high time we encourage active participation of Women in Sports with proper training, facilities and all kinds of benefits?

Vijaya Singh: Yes, we must with conducive environment, improvement in living standard, safety and security as well as no risk of exploitation by the trainers. In addition, a monthly stipend, job guarantee and medical assistance will propel them to go for the kill.

Chennubhotla Bapujee: Women especially village folk have lots of skills, which can be observed during discharging their household/earning chores, should be given an opportunity with good health care (diet). This can happen only when the whole society thinks of food to everybody with housing, clothing, medicare, education and last but not the least, employment (working opportunities).

Charulata Panigrahi: Be it study, games, office or home, Women are always sincere. So if given good opportunity, they will shine in Sports. After all a girl made us proud last night, bringing the first medal for our country.

Rahul Barrick: India already recognises women’s ability and importance in Sports. We now need to focus on development of Sports infrastructure with a special focus on women. The central government set aside Rs 100 crore in the budget of 2014-15 to set up a sports university in Manipur.

Nageswar Rao: We find that it is girls that are excelling in studies and emerging as toppers in exams. Due to social inhibitions, they are not actively competing in sports. Given the necessary scope and encouragement, they are sure to excel in sports too and bring glory to India.

Hemanta Pande: There is nothing called male bastion in Sports. Women have conquered all. Things are changing fast in India too. Whether it’s Dipa Karmakar in Gymnastics (Produnova Vault), PV Sindhu in Badminton, or Sakshi Malik in Wrestling, they have shown the women power at Rio. And, it won’t stop here. Yes, it’s high time we focus on finding more sports talent in women, as they show the grit and determination to fight back.

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