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Facebook Debate on rising incidents of Rape in Odisha

ONI Bureau: Odisha is witnessing a sudden rise in rape incidents. What’s the main reason behind this? What are the remedies?

Your Views:

Sudhansu Sekhar Deo: Poor investigation lets off the culprits. So others dare.

Chakradhar Sarangi: Earlier cases are there. But due to social stigma, lack of knowledge about law, the victims & their family never made things public.

Ranjan Kumar: Moral Education is missing in our present education system. Education should be compulsory for Child up to secondary level.

Jagannath Satapathy: This is because elections are coming nearer with each passing day. After a successful 18 years sting, Naveen facing the heat. Opposition leaves no stone unturned to keep alive the similar issues. It’s no doubt such cases keep occurring always. But, since election is approaching, Media Moguls like Baijayant Panda and Soumya Ranjan Patnaik are very much active now to bargain in accordance with the situation and their respective future in Odisha.

Suresh Dash: The rapists know that the victim won’t complain. If she complains, police won’t take any action. If police takes action, the Judges won’t give any punishment due to absence of eye witness or finding fault with the her. If at all any punishment is awarded, they would come on bail and the case would linger till infinity. So nobody fears and everyone dares.

Monosish Panda: someway these incidents are related to patronage received from political parties.

Debendra Rout: Because Media Houses and Reporters have become more active and 2019 is approaching!

Rajalaxmi Patra: Lack of exemplary punishment is responsible for the rise of such heinous crimes.

Gyan Ranjan: Stringent action against such element will send a strong message that nobody shall be spared. CM should talk and act tough here. Banning Liquor will be a bold step which will help CM repair his image.

Charulata Panigrahi: Weak administration in our state is responsible for such incidents.

Neelam Mohanty: There ought to be a candid system of reporting…by the victim. The repercussions should be drastic….directly affecting..the financial status of the culprit..if he is working. If Govt employee,…then suspension and jail. If private employees, then then dismissal. If a non working or an uneducated person, then jail. Instant action is the need of the hour. No need for political flare up, which dilutes the cases. Rape should be treated as culpable murder.

Sudhir Padhy: Reporting of such cases have increased. Not that the number increased.

Sanjaykumar Dash: Root cause is decline in moral education.

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