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Should Media Houses exercise caution while using Social Media?

rajdeep1Whether it’s faux pass by Sambad (on Rajdeep Sardesai) or BBC Hindi (on Mohammad Kaif) or goof-up committed by Odisha CM Naveen Patnaik and others on various instances or OTV’s goof-up on stung BJD MLAs, it’s proved beyond doubt that lies, photoshopped images, propaganda and hate campaign rule the roost on social media these days.

Is it essential now for Media Houses and Eminent Personalities to hire experienced and research-oriented Social Media Strategists to prevent such blunder? Any other suggestion?

Cartoonist Sudam Sekhar: Yes. The media houses are doing cheap publicity, to increase their TRP as well as revenue by hook or by crook. They also degrade the value of their own country’s image by such shameless journalism. It should be uprooted by the nationalists.

Jagannath Satapathy: Every responsible Print and Web media definitely requires professionals who can present the facts after scientific inductive logical conclusion. Yes, all media houses may not like to report such fake news, but sometimes competition or desperation to provide breaking news, they ignore research and derivations. In such case, role of the Editor holds the key.

otvDevi Prasad Misra: There will always be some mischief mongers who will engage themselves in such activities. But most of such news and photoshopped images get spotted very quickly. But the worrying factor is the communal hate posts to which people gets latched on to quickly and the hate comments flow. This is extremely damaging and a public request can be made not to indulge in such hate campaigns.

Charulata Panigrahi: Social media plays a vital role in present day society. World class journalists have laid down their lives to present truthful news, but pity is nowadays journalists have lost this norm. They are into pleasing the publication houses to retain their jobs. Politicians are also part of this game. Selfless journalists should come forward. Sensational news should be stopped to promote a healthy society.

Sachida Nanda Swain: I agree. All media houses should have professional teams to check all the postings they are doing the round in Social media. However in the same coin, journalists should do realistic journalism rather than sensational journalism!

kaif-bbcDeepak Kumar Prusty: Those who are handling the social media units of media houses or political parties or eminent personalities must be sensible enough to handle with broader mind set up. Govt must enact laws to restrict false propaganda, fake websites, photoshopped items etc. Yes, experienced persons’ guidance must be taken.

Hemanta Pande: With the growth of Internet and social media, fake news posts have been proliferating. Media Houses and Eminent Personalities must hire research-oriented Social Media Strategists to prevent fake news. Besides, the Govt should also look into this matter on a serious note.

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