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Should there be a ‘Sharia’ type law to deal with the Rapists?

RapeNageswar Rao: There should be a stringent law for cases of rape that should serve a deterrent. India is a country where women are worshiped (yatra naaryeshu pujyante, ramante tatra devatah – declare our scriptures). We adore our country as motherland. Even the divinity is worshiped as Mother Goddess. If Women, who constitute nearly half of our population, cannot move freely and contribute their mite, due to the constant fear of molestation, country cannot develop economically, socially and culturally.

Priyadarshini Pati: We have to analyze both side of the law. The Sharia law for rape cases should have been imposed in India after 2012 Delhi gangrape case. The politicians never showed seriousness on this. While punishing the guilty, the law must ensure that innocent are not punished in false cases.

Abhishek Saxena: We can have as stringent laws as we may want to, but that’s purely incidental; what we lack is conviction and enforcement. What’s the good use of death penalty for rape if the judicial system takes 30 years for trial? Rather, we should have a system in society that creates awareness to ward off this mental sickness – educate the males!

Jagadish Pradhan: It is impossible for any law to prevent rape cases. It is the mindset of the culprits… We should try to change their mentality by showing them the mirror. It’s difficult, but not impossible.

Bharat Mishra: No amount of laws can be a deterrent. We have plethora of laws. The only thing that is required is proper investigation, implementation and quick justice.