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Should Web News Portals and Social Media be Regulated?

Web-InternetIn the wake of increasing instances of misinformation, lies, propaganda and negative campaigns, is it necessary to regulate social media as well as web news portals?

Vijaya Singh: Totally, because people should not be fed wrong information.

Sangram Keshari Nepak: It should be done. 70% of news spread by social media are fake.

Charulata Panigrahi: When something goes in excess, then it should be regulated. In case of information, it is highly required.

Deepak Kumar Prusty: Yes immediately, otherwise it will destroy our society with hatred, misinformation…

Biplab Patro: It’s a serious concern….people are constantly being fed with false, wrong and impromptu information which otherwise is destroying our society with hatred and imaginative perceptions …

Rakesh Gupta: Yes, regulations must needed for social media, as it influences the public very fast and they are unable to verify the content; they believe blindly what came to them.

Satyabrata Panda: Legitimising the propagation of falsehood and ignorance has been a hallmark of media, notwithstanding their format, electronic, print and the web. Oftentimes they do it by endorsing a method of public engagement that morphed into activism and public unrest. Regulation is a poor mechanism with rapid advancement in the world of technology. No substitute to self imposed discipline and restraint in an enlightened civilization & democratic society.

Nagendra Sharma: The internet/social media should be regulated in the same way that society is: The internet/social media should be regulated by the government… There is no plausible reason that something on the internet/social media should be exempt from Intellectual property and commercial laws, as well as laws that cover other forms of media such as television and radio. The internet should mirror to society at large — while free speech and liberties are important, we acknowledge a social contract to give up a little of our liberties in exchange for certain protections. However there should not be negativity on our culture and socioeconomic..

BH V Nageswar Rao: Media should always be free from shackles to discharge its duties effectively and nail those in power. Web and social media’s popularity exceeds that of the print and electronic medias. Freedom of speech is the most basic and barest minimum freedom that a democracy should allow. The existing restrictions on this fundamental right enshrined in the constitution are enough to prevent its misuse. Freedom of speech and expression gives scope to vent the dissatisfaction of citizens, and, if curbed may result in violent expression.

Keya Ghosh: Yes absolutely necessary. Portals, social media have become the hub for baseless rumours. So it’s time there should be a check in order to curb serious, unpardonable goof-ups.

Satyaswarup Mohanty: I think NO. Even though misinformation in generated by some nuisance elements, it is in social media itself that they are scrutinized and countered. Bad elements get squared of by good elements.

Sambit Nanda: Regulatory implementations imposed on anything shall cover any format of it..so if print and TV media come under the regulations of a regulating authority, why shall not social media and web news portals be brought under the same authority as all serve a common purpose with different formats.

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