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Why Senior Congress Leaders deserting the Party?

Rahul-StudentsWhy Senior Congress leaders are deserting the party whether Jagadambika Pal, Bhupinder Singh, Giridhar Gamang, Birendra Singh, Vijay Bahuguna, or Rita Bahuguna Joshi?

Has Rahul Gandhi failed to emulate Sonia Gandhi’s success mantra of keeping the flock together?

Bimal Kumar: It’s because of Rahul Gandhi’s mindset. He is not able to manage and synchronize the young blood with old blood..

Nitesh Chawda: You Mentioned Rahul Gandhi, it’s enough to run smiley’s.

Nagendra Sharma: He is still a kid and learning from his mistake… We should have patience to see one day Modi, Advani, Susma, Rajnath, AK, Nitish, Lalu, Gadkari all top leaders will join INC.

Jagadish Pradhan: It is not the fault of Rahul Gandhi, these leaders are really opportunists. Think Gamang and Bhupinder as examples. Congress gave CM’s post and LoP’s post to them, but they still cheated the congress. What else a party can give them?

Diksha Tiwari: Does that even need to be asked?

Gitimaya Padhi: You must be kidding while saying The reason is Rahul lacking Sonia’s skill!! She never had any either. Power and leadership u-turns with change of flow. How long can the Gandhis RULE India with just freedom tag, they got to deliver and with every generation they got dumb and dumber. The biggest shame was Mr. Singh treated like a pet. But again these migrants are seasonal birds and minor hiccups. Congress unfortunately will remain in the frontline waiting and succeed with one mistake from BJP as there is a huge population of foolish voters. BJP has a long way to go to ground and Mr. Modi is fortunately going in the right direction.

Bhawani Mahapatra: Leaders who have self esteem cannot work in Congress till RaGa has command over the party. Congress has turned a proprietorship firm of a family, where loyalty towards that family is the secret to excel. Leaders who have devoted 50 years for the party have to wait for a week to meet Madam and/or Yuvraj.

Deepak Kumar Prusty: “By hearting” 2/4 written dialogues doesn’t make a man a leader… In the age of science, what is the position of a dynasty?

Manas Ranjan Pradhan: All these leaders are opportunistic. I think Rahul Gandhi doing a fabulous job not being blackmailed by these people. he is making it very clear if you are believing in congress ideologies, you are welcome.

Kailash Behera: One line explanation is enough. A national and a cadre-based political party would have been lead by an sound individual and not like a insane person like Rahul.

Haraprasad Mishra: As they are not confident about their ability, they do take others’ help. One should learn from Modi Ji. He did not join the Congress at an early stage, which he could have done. He wanted to focus on work, leadership and has the passion for change. That made a great leader. Politicians may change the parties, but they can’t become good leaders.

Sachida Nanda Swain: Yes, Rahul Gandhi has failed miserably. Rahul Gandhi himself came into politics accidentally (you can say forcefully) which was never his choice. The sudden demise of Rajiv Gandhi forced Sonia to bring either Priyanka or Rahul to politics at an early age. As Priyanka settled with her marital bliss, Rahul came to politics. His immature strategy on politics can be seen everywhere. He should left politics and do something of his choice rather than forcing Congress to further destruction.

Sugit Sahu: They are deadwood.. no role to play in the party..failed miserably in their roles, sidelined and now jumping ship.. On the contrary, BJP is welcoming them with open arms, might create rift within existing BJP cadres.

Ajoy Das: Congress has to go out of Gandhi’s family. Like Narasimha Rao, a towering leadership is needed.

Sai Papu: Those leaders knew that the congress is no more a fruit bearing tree.

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