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Will Dharmendra Pradhan be Undisputed Leader of Odisha BJP?

Dharmendra PradhanHas Dharmendra Pradhan emerged as the undisputed leader in Odisha BJP? Or, he may still face stiff challenges from his rivals? Will Odisha BJP accept him as its leader and march ahead?

Sanjay Kumar Pradhan: Yes, He is the leading icon of BJP for Odisha. He has talent, knowledge, spirit, techno savvy and efficiency in politics. Now he emerges as a National icon for BJP. The time has come for Amit Shah to declare and project him as the official CM candidate of Odisha.

Gyanranjan Samal: BJP still lacks leaders at grass root level. Dharmendra Pradhan though young, very dynamic and has a stronghold at the centre. He is still facing a stiff challenges from his rivals. The challenge he is facing is from a section of senior leaders in his own party. However, he will ward off all challenges and lead the party sooner than later.

Deepak Kumar Prusty: Time will say… Intervention from top brass is required… better earlier, better will be the result… Undoubtedly DP is well ahead in the race. Stiff challenge ahead..

Rabi Narayan Panda: Dharmendra Pradhan will be the face of BJP in 2019. Nobody should have any doubt about that. He is a leader to reckon with. He has proved his mettle in national politics and will do the same in Odisha.

Akshay Rout: He may be grown as undisputed leader of BJP Odisha, but of no use. To counter every move of Naveen Babu point by point, BJP needs a formidable and aggressive leader who can fight head on. BJP has failed to take any mileage on issues like Mahanadi and Dana Majhi. DP should learn from Naveen Babu how to turn table even in adverse conditions.

Cartoonist Sudam Sekhar: Dharmendra Pradhan is the only BJP leader who is suitable to become the CM of Odisha. He has a lot of vision to make us proud Odias.

Charulata Panigrahi: He has not yet emerged as a strong leader. He is young, dynamic and is an educated fellow. So, Odisha BJP should give him a chance to lead. If they do so laying apart petty selfishness, I think it would be a boon for Odisha.

Kailash Behera: He has proved his ability. However I don’t think others in the party will allow him to lead. Because we are ODIA KONKODA. Let good sense prevail upon all of us. Let a dynamic leader like Pradhan emerge to countercheck a dumb and deaf leader.

Simanchala Mishra: Even Harekrushna Mahatab & Biju Patanaik were not undisputed leaders of Odisha. How can a young leader like Dharmendra with no grass root network be undisputed leader? Has Odisha seen an undisputed, charismatic leader for last 30 years? Well, as far Odisha BJP is concerned, he is the only leader who will be acceptable for people, not for his Party Cadre.

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