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Will India hit back at Pakistan aftermath Uri Attack?

jawan-uri18 Jawans martyred in Uri. Have we learnt our lessons from Gurudaspur and Pathankot yet? Are we running short of options to checkmate Pakistan because of its nuclear capabilities? What’s next?

Amit Kumar Dash: The series of attacks one after another shows we have not learnt anything, though a war will push our economy 10 years backward, but still ways and means are there to take action against these culprit countries… It shows complete failure of security in the country, high time to act in other ways…

Sangram Keshari Nepak: Like Pakistan, India also need to launch a proxy war. We should attack their army camps in Pakistan using fidayeens of our own.

Simanchala Mishra: As everyone knows, a war between two nuclear powers is simply impossible. Either side knows it will be devastating. We cannot expect fair play from nations like Pakistan, North Korea and China. The proposed war will not be limited to artillery. The best option available to us to make our borders secure, to start proxy war, to fund Balochistan and snub the divisive forces in Kashmir.

Devi Prasad Misra: This could be a provocation by Pakistan to create a backlash in India and create communal tension, which will harm BJP in the coming UP elections. A full scale war will be disastrous for both the countries. Hence, the situation has to be handled very carefully.

Umashankar Satapathy: War and Peace! By nature peace is followed by war, it is all of us to calculate if we can effort to have a war for the peace we are looking for. That too in an era of nuclear weapons. NO. We can only try to get the situation better..

Nagendra Sharma: ModiJi should act… what he spoke before election against Pakistan… Being a PM, his observation time is almost over and action pending.

Rahul Barrick: We are following Gandhian way of Non Violence.. Our Gods have given us enough strength to tolerate these Pakistani terrorists & anti-national elements within our nation. But we can’t tolerate our own brothers because they are from different political parties, religions, states, etc ..

H V Nageswar Rao: We awake only when any incident occurs. For a couple of days, media gives coverage and after that everyone forgets till the next terrorist attack occurs. Terrorism is not impossible to tackle provided political will coupled with army vigilance and a responsible opposition that shall not demoralize army for petty political gains is there. Complete ceiling of borders, effective vigilance and alertness can definitely make us eradicate terrorism.

Kailash Behera: Despite failure of NDA in different aspects, I have no other option but to appreciate the Baluchi/POK policy which is really a offensive one. The tactical shift has put the enemy on back foot and has isolated it from other countries except China. The proxy war initiated by it can be countered by many ways without crossing the border. The atomic bomb threat of the Pak is a clear cut syndrome of its nervousness. Time is ripe for tactical action and not dramatic action.

Hemanta Pande: Terrorist attack on the Indian Army at Uri follows two major offensives on the Indian soil since the Narendra Modi government took charge in May 2014. Enough is enough. The Government must conduct military strikes on “Terrorist bases” within the territory of Pakistan.

Sambit Nanda: We are obviously not running short of options. I am astonished why India did not initiate covert operations to wipe out anti-nationals from inside as well as outside the country if its feels that the right time has not come to launch a direct war against Pakistan.

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