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20% Polling recorded in Delhi by 11 AM

Delhi-Votes-SaluteAt least 20% voters have already cast their votes in the Delhi Assembly polls by 11 AM, as per the latest data released by the Election Commission. The poling percentage was under 6% by 9 AM, but picked up later. A huge number of people are seen in queue to exercise their franchise.

No untoward incidents or violence have been reported so far from any parts of Delhi. Top leaders and cadres from all political parties showed enthusiasm to cast their votes. A senior citizen cam with Oxygen support to cast her ballot. Her husband was carrying the Oxygen cylinder.

AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal has alleged distribution of liquor and cash by rivals across Delhi last night. Many AAP leaders spreading the message the EVMs are showing BJP votes only. Seems they are on a back foot now. BJP wondered how such large-scale irregularities are taking place despite the fact that AAP had installed 2,000 spy cameras and 4,000 audio devices in the national capital.

Some voters in Krishna Nagar alleged that they were threatened with bomb blasts and lured by money by some people affiliated to the AAP. They complained this to Kiran Bedi in the presence of media. However, AAP rubbished the allegations as ‘poll gimmick’.

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