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8 Earthquake Victims die in Two Bihar Hospitals

8 Earthquake Victims die in Two Bihar HospitalsEight earthquake victims, under treatment in two government-run hospital in Bihar, have succumbed to injuries in the past five days, officials said. Seven earthquake victims died at the Patna Medical College and Hospital (PMCH), and one at Darbhanga Medical College and Hospital (DMCH), in Darbhanga district.

PMCH official Sudhansu Singh said 43 people injured in the April 25 earthquake were admitted to the emergency ward of the hospital. “So far, seven victims with serious head and chest injuries have died and 24 victims are under treatment… most of them are out of danger and recovering fast,” he said.

Singh said 12 victims were discharged after treatment because they had sustained minor injuries. DMCH’s superintendent Shankar Jha said only one victim had died, though 70 victims were admitted for treatment.

“Now, only fourteen victims were undergoing treatment, the others having been discharged,” he said. Darbhanga was severely hit by last week’s earthquake. DMCH’s main building housing all the operation theatres was badly damaged leaving operation theatres non-functional.

Singh said some of the victims were suffering from shock after the earthquake. “It appears that they are in grip of fear psychosis and they would have to go through psychiatric treatment,” he said. In Bihar, the official toll is 58 lives while the unofficial figure is over 70.(IANS)

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