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#AshuCries: Ashutosh cries on Aaj Tak, Slammed on Twitter

Aaj-Tak-AshutoshJust hours after Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal apologised for continuing his speech at the rally even after the suicide of farmer Gajendra Singh Rajput, journalist-turned-politician Ashutosh broke down on live TV and cried vigorously while talking to Megha Singh, 16-year-old daughter of the deceased.

Ashutosh, while participating on Aaj Tak Panel discussion, was replying to Megha’s questions why her father was not saved by Kejriwal and his leaders. Ashutosh not only cried bitterly, but also slammed BJP and Congress, saying they should stop politics over the issue.

“I am your guilty, Megha. I could not prevent the death of your father. I hope you are able to forgive me for your father’s death,” he said.

“I didn’t enter politics for this kind of blame game. I want to request Rajnath Singh, Ajay Maken and Sambit Patra to stop politicising the death of a farmer. They must stop all this and try to help the poor and innocent farmers,” said Ashutosh further.

The tears did not move Megha and her family members. Ashutosh was slammed on Twitter, as nobody wanted to buy his tears. Most people think that he was trying to “fool” the public and create a sympathy wave in favour of AAP.

Here are Some Tweets on #AshuCries:

Bharat Joshi ‏@bharatjoshi
#AshuCries Crocodile’s tears. Yesterday you were arrogant. Now that u csnt face Gajendra’s family you cry. Not acceptable.
Harinder Baweja ‏@shammybaweja
For those who missed it. In the middle of Ashu crying, anchor says ‘hashtag #ashucries is already trending on twitter’ Sigh. #TRPs.
Bollywood Business ‏@BHT_OFFICIAL
Today I got 100% convinced by @ashutosh83B tat he is a very best actor so I advise him 4 Villain’s role in film #Deshdrohi2 #AshuCries.
Rahul Roushan ‏@rahulroushan
The biggest worry now is what will Arnab do to trump #AshuCries.

रचित सेठ ‏@rachitseth
On One hand #AshuCries tells us that whether CM of Delhi should have climbed the tree to save the farmer, Now sheds fake crocodile tears!

Kumar Ramesh ‏@kumarxramesh
#AshuCries, let the poor girl go from there. Stop playing politics with little Megha. Politicians and Media you got enough material for day.

ब्रिगेडियर प्रताप ‏@BrigP_ 53m53
Ashutosh got a taste of paid media, Cried like a little girl in aaj tak discussion, Called media biased #AshuCries

Reema Sharma ‏@reema7sharma
And AAP’s Ashutosh gets entry to the Oscars #AshuCries

pritam garg ‏@pritamgarg4
#AshuCries Politicians cries to defend himself for a miss deed….  In spite of thinking for the solution of the suicide of farmers #Aajtak.

R.C. Srivastva ‏@ramesh_rwm
#ashucries. Sirf nautanki. Rone se raj nahi chalta.  Sochta kya hai sab bewkoof hain. Everybody understand your real face.

Prashant Panwar ‏@panwar_prashant
Today crocodile will feel proud watching @ashutosh83B . @anjanaomkashyap providing platform. Great #AshuCries.

VIKRANT MALIK ‏@vikrantaud
#AshuCries  what a big nautanki this person is  What he is trying to prove he is crying and blaming other parties and saying don’t politicise.

Ankur Prasad ‏@Ankur75
#Ashucries Ashutosh is proving to be better nautanki baaj then kejri…..NSD is finally getting competition from AAPtards..whatt a drama!!

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