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Bihar Government orders staff to wear khadi 2 Days a Week

Chief Secretary Anjani Kumar Singh on KhadiThe Bihar government ordered its employees on Friday to attend their office dressed in ‘khadi’ at least two days in a week, officials said. Chief Secretary Anjani Kumar Singh issued a letter in this regard to all government employees.

“The government has been paying salary to you; if you wear or dress in khadi, the government will earn revenue. So, dress in khadi for at least two days in a week to attend the office,” the letter said.

State Food Supply Minister Shayam Razak said: “We are followers of Gandhi and have decided to promote khadi. It will also give more revenue to the government.” Agriculture Commissioner Vijay Prakash said the government’s decision will help poor as it will create more jobs.  “Khadi is good and eco-friendly,” he said. (IANS)

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