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Bomb defused in Gondwana Express, Tragedy Averted

A bomb was found SGondwana Expressunday inside the Gondwana Express train that runs between Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh and Hazrat Nizamuddin station in Delhi, officials said.

After the train left Jabalpur around 3 p.m., a passenger noticed an unclaimed bag and informed the train ticket examiner. The train was stopped at Sihora Road station, where the bag was examined, and a low intensity bomb was found, Jabalpur Superintendent of Police H.N.C. Mishra told.

The bomb was defused and the train resumed its journey. It was, however, stopped again near Bina Malkhedi station in Sagar district and a thorough search was conducted by police. Police sources said CCTV footage from the stations would be studied to see who entered the train with the bag. (IANS)

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