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Canada-based NRI threatens to kill Anna Hazare

Anna HazareVeteran social crusader Anna Hazare has received a death threat from a Canada-based Indian resident, an aide said here on Wednesday. Hazare’s office has lodged a complaint with Thane Police and also written to the Maharashtra director general of police about the death threats posted on Facebook on February 24-25.

According to the complaint with the DGP, a Canada-based NRI Gagan Vidhu made a post on Februray 24 afternoon: “Time has come to kill Anna Hazare. I will be next Nathuram Godse soon.” Three ‘likes’ were notched for this threatening post.

Gagan Vidhu expanded his threat the following day, on February 25: “… I am not kidding. I am coming to India soon. I will arrange for gun and shoot this modern ghandi (Gandhi). I hate (Arvind) Kejriwal so much I can do anything to spoil him.”

The post continued: “I have collected all the documents – My friend Neil in New Delhi is working on it. We will expose Kejriwal soon, then I have to play role of Nathuram Godse. I am not joking. I am very serious. I can do anything for my Bharat Mata.”

Not taking the threats lightly, an aide Ashok O. Gautam has lodged a first information report (FIR) with Thane police and sought immediate action in the matter.

The death threat has come ahead of the 77-year-old Hazare’s proposed 1,100-km-long three-month march (padyatra) from Gandhi Ashram in Wardha to Ramlila Maidan in New Delhi to protest the Land Acquisition Act. The march schedule will be finalised next Monday. (IANS)

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