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Congress demands HRD Minister Smirti Irani’s resignation

Congress spokesman R.S. SurjewalaThe Congress on Wednesday demanded the resignation of Human Resource Development Minister Smriti Irani for allegedly fudging facts regarding her educational qualifications.

“It is apparent the country’s education minister is lying about her own education. What will happen to the future of millions and millions of the children of this country?” asked Congress spokesman R.S. Surjewala.

“Irani has no moral or constitutional or legal right to continue in her post even for a day. Either she should resign or she should be sacked by the prime minister,” he added.

The Congress reaction came after a Delhi court took note of a complaint accusing the minister of allegedly misrepresenting facts regarding her educational qualifications.

Taking a jibe at the Narendra Modi government, Surjewala said it was most unfortunate that the degrees of both the education ministers of the country were under question.

Minister of State Ram Shankar Katheria also faces charges of holding a fake degree.

“How does the Modi government propose to run education when educational degrees of education ministers are under question?” he asked.

“Delhi University comes within the purview of the HRD ministry. She definitely, as education minister, will influence the course of investigation. So she has no moral, legal or constitutional right to continue in her post even for a day,” he said. (IANS)

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