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Delhi Government continues to ban Media from Secretariat

Arvind KejriwalThe Delhi government on Thursday reiterated that no media would be allowed inside the Delhi Secretariat building and would only be allowed to sit in the media room. The decision was taken following a meeting between a delegation of five senior media personnel and representatives of the government in an effort to end the impasse.

One of the journalists present in the meeting said that the Arvind Kejriwal-led government said “reporters with DIP and even PIB accreditation cards would not have access to the secretariat”. “They will be allowed to sit in the media room,” the journalist said.

The journalist in the know also said that all the press conferences would take place in the media room. “In order to meet any minister or senior official, government spokesperson Nagendra Sharma will have to be approached first who will arrange the meeting,” the journalist said.

However, the scribes present in the meeting expressed their unhappiness over the new guidelines following which the officials sought time till 6 p.m. Thursday to decide on whether DIP card holders should be able to access the building freely or not.

The government has not allowed media persons to enter the Delhi Secretariat since Monday, the new government’s first working day, leaving many journalists incensed. The decision was taken following a scuffle among some journalists, TV crew and photographers. (IANS)

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