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Dr Chandra Bhanu Satpathy opened House of Representatives

Dr Chandra Bhanu Satpathy, speech at House of RepresentativeAfter Swami Vivekananda who brought repute to India on an international platform by his address at the Parliament of Religion in Chicago in 1893 , Dr Chandra Bhanu Satpathy, a spiritual thinker and philanthropist has added another feather in the cap of the country by being the first Indian private citizen, who addressed the US Congress as guest Chaplin and opened the ongoing session of the House of Representatives recently in Washington.

Dr Satpathy,was invited by the House Chaplin to open the House of Representatives (HoR) House as Guest Chaplin. This is a rare honour, having been bestowed on an Indian Citizen in the 228 years old tradition, dating as far back as the 18th Century, of a Guest Chaplain. The opening invocation, provides a wonderful opportunity to affirm Spiritual leaders from many different backgrounds. Dr Satpathy’s address to the US Congress as Guest Chaplain was a remarkable moment for all Indians.

In his prayer message addressed at the US Congress, Dr Satpathy had deliberated that even after different origin, language, religion and culture we all are one and exhorted the people to shun hatred and violence by inculcating pious thoughts and feelings. The spirit of love, sacrifice and cooperation would certainly benefit our future generations.

While creating human being the God did not make any difference, he said adding that “Sabka Malik Ek”( God is the master of all ), and maintained that the Almighty God guide the human being all along the ethical and holistic path of self control. Concluding his prayer, Dr Satpathy prayed the God to bless the august assembly of US and the nation in performing its national and global responsibilities towards the cause of humanity.

Admiring the efforts of the Spiritual leader, Mr Jim McDermott, the Representative of the State of Seattle, USA, had acknowledged Dr Satpathy as a prominent world leader striving for the cause of humanity and peace. He also applauded the Indian Spiritual Movement, spearheaded by Dr Satpathy and acknowledged his mission towards Humanity.Extending deep thanks to Dr. Satpathy he said that the invocation by the Indian spiritual leader unites the society regardless of LANGUAGE, CULTURE, or CREED.

Dr Satpathy who is propagating Indian Philosophy and spiritualism in many countries including USA, UK, Spain, Australia, New Zealand and others is also engaged in charitable activities like organizing medical camps, providing food and shelter to needy during natural calamities, sponsoring medical treatment, and education for under privileged mostly in India.

A great believer of simplicity, Dr Satpathy has emerged like an icon for the people finding solutions to their materialistic, psychological, commercial and health issues and for those eager for active spiritual evolution. De. Satpathy is a resident of Gurgaon and is the chief patron of Sai Ka Aangan , Gurgaon.

Speech by Dr Chandra Bhanu Satpathy

Om… o lord, by your will we are born in different nations, speak different languages and follow different religions and cultures.
Yet we are all your children and ever grateful for your love and protection. Evoke in us pious thoughts and feelings, to shun all hatred and violence and become worthy of your services. Bless our future generations. Bring by the spirit of love, sacrifice and cooperation. Guide us in following saints like shirdi sai baba who proclaimed in hindi, “Sab Ka Malik Ek” … meaning, god is the master of all. Inspire us, as your trustees, to nourish and protect theworld around us, to sustain all life. Guide us along the ethical and holistic path of self-control, purity of purpose and dedication, enshrined in the Shrimad Bhagawat Geeta. O lord,bless this august assembly and this nation in performing its national and global responsibilities towards furthering the cause of humanity. Om…

Speech by Jim Mcdermott

It’s my privilege this morning to welcome our guest chaplain, Dr. Chandra Bhanu Satpathy. Dr. Satpathy deserves a great credit for his earnest and humble leadership of the global Sai movement which celebrates the teachings and ideals of Shirdi Sai Baba, the most respected of the ancient perfect masters and renowned for his teachings of compassion and acceptance. This year marks the 25thanniversary of the movement and i can’t think of a time when the values of peace, respect, and compassion are needed more here in our own country and in other parts of the world. Dr. Satpathy’s moving invocation this morning serves as a motivation to each of us gathered here to always remember what ultimately unites us, far outweighs what divides us, regardless of language, culture, or creed. So thank you Dr. Satpathy for being here today. Thank you for your exemplary leadership in the spirit of Sai Baba’s teachings and thank you for sharing your vision for a peaceful future.

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