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Dust Storm kills 14 People in Uttar Pradesh

Dust Storm in Uttar PradeshThe severe dust storm that hit many parts of Uttar Pradesh on Friday has left behind a trail of devastation and death and officials on Saturday confirmed death of more than 14 people. Besides, over two dozen people were injured in the storm, the officials said.

In Lucknow and neighbouring areas, eight people lost their lives, 320 hoardings were ripped apart and power transmission lines snapped, leading to power outages of more than 20 hours at many places.

Harvest, mainly of wheat which was lying in the fields has also been damaged extensively, officials informed while adding that this has added to the already cup full of woes of farmers following heavy rains and hail strom last week.

Mango harvest has also taken a beating in Kakori and Malihabad mango belts neighbouring Lucknow. Heavy rainfall has been reported since Friday night in Agra, Bareilly, Sitapur and some parts of western Uttar Pradesh.

More such weather phenomenon are likely to occur over the weekend, the state Met department has predicted. Regional Met director J.P. Gupta said that the dust storm was a local phenomena which had developed due to “local heating”.

“There has been extreme heat at some places while at some places the mercury is down by few notches and this yawning gap has led to this cyclonic circulation,” he added. The Met office has predicted rainfall in some parts of the state on Saturday and Sunday. (IANS)

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