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Earthquake Toll in India rises to 68, Bihar Worst Hit

Nepal-QuakeEven as the Narendra Modi Government has increased the compensation for family members of each dead in yesterday’s earthquake to Rs 6 lakh, the death toll has now gone up to 68. Bihar is worst hit with 50 deaths so far. Over 100 people injured in Bihar, mostly due to stampede.

Out of the 68 casualties, 50 were from Bihar, 13 from Uttar Pradesh, 4 from West Bengal and 1 from Rajasthan. The Bihar Government led by Nitish Kumar is assessing the situation and verifying the number of casualties.

The centre had deployed five teams of the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) in the affected areas of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. The number of injuries has crossed 260 across India due to earthquake.

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