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All Exit Polls predict AAP Victory in Delhi

Kejriwal-GujaratArvind Kejriwal is all set to form government in Delhi with a massive majority, if we believe the exit polls. People of Delhi have given a clear mandate this time and it will be in favour of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), say exit polls.

The surveys revealed that AAP gained much importance among the youth. The Muslims voted for the AAP in large numbers. The trend says that AAP will sweep Delhi. Arvind Kejriwal remains the first choice for the CM’s post with a massive lead over Kiran Bedi.

Only the Data Mineria survey shown on IBN 7 predicted 35 seats for the BJP and 31 seats for the AAP. Congress will get 4 seats, it said. The News-24-Today’s Chanakya exit poll has predicted two-third majority of 48 seats for the AAP and 22 seats for AAP. Congress will draw blank, it says.

The News 24-Today’s Chanakya, which is said to be the most accurate exit poll in the country, has revealed that 71% Muslims have voted for the AAP, while 12% voted for the Congress. Only 8% voted for the BJP. AAP edged out the BJP in all caste and religion segments, including SC,ST, Baniya, Sikhs, Christians, Punjabi, Brahmin etc. The final polling percentage in Delhi was 67.21%, which is more than the 2013 figure of 65.60%.

Meanwhile, the BJP-RSS Survey, which took time to take into account all aspects, has claimed that BJP win 34 seats, while AAP will win 20 seats. There will be tough fight in 16 seats, which may go either way. That could add to a majority for the BJP in Delhi, it says. The RSS also admitted that negative campaign against Arvind Kejriwal and Kiran Bedi’s last minute entry as the CM candidate, disturbed the calculations. The survey further revealed that the Delhi BJP was not ready for the polls, but Amit Shah’s micro-management took the party close to victory.

Here are the Exit Poll Results:

ABP News Exit Poll: BJP 26, AAP 43, Congress 1.
Aaj Tak-CICERO Exit Poll: BJP 19-27, AAP 38-46, Congress 3-5.
News24-Today’s Chanakya: BJP 22, AAP 48, Congress 0.
India TV-C Voter Exit Poll: BJP 25-33, AAP 35-43, Congress 0-2.
News Nation Exit Poll: BJP 23-27, AAP 41-45, Congress 1-3.
Data Mineria survey: BJP 35, AAP 31, Congress 4.
Axis/APM: BJP 17, AAP 53, Congress 0-2.

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