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Exit Polls predict Modi Victory in Gujarat

ONI Bureau: Contrary to the claims made by various analysts who predicted a close fight between the BJP and Congress in Gujarat, exit polls conducted by all agencies have a clear and comfortable victory to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who spearheaded the aggressive BJP campaign in the state.

The TimesNow-VMR Exit Poll claimed BJP would win 113 in the 182-member Gujarat Assembly, while Congress would be content with 66 seats. Others will win 3 seats.

The CVoter-Republic Exit Poll gives 108 seats to BJP, 74 to Congress and 0 seats to others.

The India Today-MyAxis Exit Poll, which is considered as more authentic, has given 99-113 seats to BJP, 68-82 seats to Congress and 1-3 to others.

The ABP-CSDS Exit Poll gives 117 seats to BJP, 64 seats to Congress and 1 seat to others.

The NewsX-CNX Exit Poll predicts 115 seats to BJP, 65 seats to Congress and 2 seats to others.

Today’s Chanakya later came up with its own survey, which gave 135 seats to BJP and 47 seats to the Congress.

However, most Exit Polls agree that Congress has made gains in 2017 as compared to 2012, but failed to stop the Modi juggernaut. BJP may lose a few seats as compared to the last assembly polls, but is all set to retain power in Gujarat for 6th consecutive term.

The panelists on Exit Polls, quoting traders and common people in Gujarat, say there was widespread resentment against State Govt and Centre, but people said their anger won’t compel them to vote against Narendra Modi, the ‘Son of the Soil’.

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