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Huge Uproar in Parliament over Conversion Issue

Mohan-BhagwatThe issue of conversion and re-conversion yet again rocked the Parliament, as opposition parties joined hands to slam the ‘peaceful’ conversion of Christians and Muslims into Hindus, but did not utter any word on the conversion of Hindus into other religions, saying that is the fundamental right of those people.

The opposition wanted to put Narendra Modi, BJP and RSS on the mat and questioned RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat’s comments that religious conversion or reconversion will continue till there is a complete ban on it. Bhagwat had justified re-conversion, calling it as ‘ghar-wapsi’ of “mislead” Hindus.

The opposition parties such as Congress, Samajwadi Party, TMC, JD(U), RJD and Left see the reconversion as a ploy to cut their vote banks. They are opposed only to Christians and Muslims being converted to Hinduism, calling it as a communal agenda. The recent conversion incidents in Kerala, Gujarat and Bihar where Christians and Muslims were taken into Hindu fold, has disturbed their calculations and forced them to go on a rampage.

The Rajya Sabha was adjourned till tomorrow, as the opposition continued to demand a statement from the Prime Minister. The Lok Sabha witnessed uproarious scenes. RJD MP Papu Yadav tore the newspaper and threw them at the Lok Sabha Speaker, as if his own religion was forcibly changed. He later apologised, fearing suspension.

The conversion-reconversion issue continues to trigger a national debate. The issue won’t die down, as Christmas Day is approaching fast. The VHP, RSS and other Sangh Parivar outfits are adamant on reconversion, while the opposition parties have joined hands to prevent it.

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