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IED Blast kills One, injures Two in Bengaluru

Bengaluru-BlastDespite the definite intelligence input and advisory from Union Home Ministry about possible terror attacks in all metropolitan cities, the Karnataka police failed to prevent the Bengaluru blast tonight, which left one dead and another injured.

The IED blast of low intensity took place at Coconut Groove Pub on Church Street, 50 meters from the Hindustan Times office. The blast occurred between 8:30 PM and 9 PM. 37-year-old Bhawani Devi, a resident of Mt Road in Chennai. She had come to Bengaluru to celebrate Christmas with her family. She was with her two daughters and eight other family members when the blast occurred.

Two others, a man and a woman were injured in the blast. They are out of danger now. the Bengaluru cops confirmed that an improvised explosive device filled with shrapnel, was placed near a drain behind the Coconut Grove restaurant.

The blast site has been cordoned off. Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh is monitoring the situation. The cops have launched a probe into the incident. Meanwhile, security has been beefed up in New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and many other key cities following the Bengaluru blast.

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