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India’s Daughter : SC sends Notice to Defence-Lawyers

supreme courtThe Supreme Court on Tuesday issued notices to two lawyers for allegedly making derogatory remarks against women in the BBC documentary, India’s Daughter, on the gang rape of a para-medical student in Delhi on 16th December, 2012. The Apex court sought their response in two weeks. The lawyers are M L Sharma and A P Singh, who are defending the accused in connection to the brutal rape case.

A bench comprising justices V Gopala Gowda and C Nagappan said it has heard the arguments and grievances urged in a petition by the Supreme Court Women Lawyers Association seeking restriction on the entry of the two advocates in the apex court premises.

The petition had alleged that the advocates’ remarks in the documentary were inhumane, outrageous, and are in violation of the dignity of women. It said the matter requires consideration in view of the factual and legal submissions.

The petition also requested the court to direct the sexual harassment committee at SC to take action against the duo. “The two advocates be also directed to retract their statements and issue a public apology for holding and making views which are absolutely derogatory to the dignity of women,” the petition said. Their apology should also be included in the BBC documentary, it said.

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