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Lalit Modi takes on P Chidambaram, accuses him of Bullying

Lalit-ModiFormer IPL Chairman Lalit Modi, who is in the centre of controversy these days, has slammed former Finance Minister P Chidambaram and accused him of hounding him while arm-twisting and bullying other leaders, who were trying to help him.

Here are the Excerpts:

* Chidambaram was stubborn enough to hound me and arm twisted the entire government machinery against me.

* There was no strong case against me, but Chidambaram tried to make it big. He bullied Rajiv Shukla, Salman Khurshid and many others in the government, who tried to help me.

* Chidambaram could not seek my extradition, as he had no legal jurisdiction. The UK Court acknowledged that I was unfairly targeted and the case was politically motivated.

* The ED can’t prove a single case against me. That’s why they have been silent for five years. It was Chidambaram, who did everything possible to create fear and panic.

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