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Maharashtra fishermen net 100-kg Indian Rock Python!

Indian rock pythonWhen Mahesh Patil and Gokul Patil drew their fishing nets from a nearby creek to see what all they had netted, the two fishermen least expected a “heavyweight” lurking among their catch – a python.

The three-metre long reptile – later identified as an Indian rock python – weighing a hefty 100 kg somehow got trapped in the nets after heavy rain on Wednesday.

Both surprised and scared, the two fishermen from Bhiwandi town in Thane district immidiately dropped the nets again into the muddy waters and rushed back ashore to summon help on Thursday afternoon.

All this while, a large number of fisherfolks gathered around to have a glimpse of the big snake.

Shortly afterwards, a local snake expert, Kishore Gaikwad, from nearby Dunge village and his associate Hitesh Mehta rushed to the spot.

“We drew the nets from water along with the massive python entangled in it. It was scared and angry too, but we calmed it down carefully,” Gaikwad told.

The snake experts then conducted a thorough examination of the reptile and found no physical injuries. Later, the snake was measured and weighed.

With the help of curious fisherfolk and other villagers, Gaikwad carried the python to a nearby petrol pump and later sent her to Sanjay Gandhi National Park in Borivali (Mumbai), where many pythons abound.

“It is an Indian rock python that cannot survive in water. Luckily, it could keep its head just above water through the holes in the fishing nets and managed to breathe,” Gaikwad said.

Mehta said the snake must have been washed into the creek by flood waters following Wednesday’s downpour in the region, recorded between 40-50 cm in a single day. (IANS)