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Modi woos Delhi, calls himself a Fortunate Ruler

Modi-DwarkaPrime Minister Narendra Modi Sunday called for a BJP government in Delhi, saying the national capital needs an administration which works in harmony with his central government. Addressing a rally in west Delhi’s Dwarka area ahead of the February 7 assembly elections, Modi hit out at the Aam Aadmi Party and the Congress for making “false promises” to woo voters.

Taking a dig at his rivals over the decline in petrol and diesel prices, Modi said, “My rivals say that I am fortunate that petrol and diesel prices come down during my tenure. If this is the case, then why not choose a fortunate person with good luck as your ruler and bring unfortunates to power,” he asked. The AAP later slammed his remarks, saying the PM should not have made such statements.

Modi said Delhi needs a government which works in harmony with the Bharatiya Janata Party-led central government and not one “which launches agitation day and night”. Modi urged the people not to give a fractured mandate and give his party full majority. He said Delhi was capital of the country and even small activity has an impact.

Modi said he was indebted to the people of Delhi for their support in the Lok Sabha elections. “I have to return it by doing development. I have to solve problems in every part (of Delhi). Give me a chance to serve you,” he said.

“Delhi needs a stable government. Form government of people whom you trust.” He said there was a competition to “speak lies” among the rival parties. “The competition is to make false promises. Such kind of false promises were not made in Delhi elections earlier. A new lie is manufactured every 24 hours.”

Modi did not name the AAP or its leader Arvind Kejriwal but attacked the party several times during his over 40-minute speech. Modi said Delhi needs a responsible, sensitive government and running an administration was a serious task which has to be carried out by understanding problems of the people.

“You cannot do it by running away,” he said, taking a dig at Kejriwal who quit as the chief minister just after 49 days. Modi also said the AAP and the Congress clandestinely joined hands after the last assembly polls. “The (AAP-led) government was formed by betraying the people,” he said. (With inputs from IANS).

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