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No Talks on Kashmir, Only Terrorism on Agenda: Sushma Swaraj

Sushma SwarajExternal Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj made it categorical that India will not allow any discussion on Kashmir issue without a resolution on terrorism and peace on border. “Pakistan should not involve any third party (Hurriyat) in Indo-Pak talks and must not extend the scope of the talks beyond terrorism at his point of time. He is welcome to visit India if he wants to talk on terrorism,” she said.

“Talks will not happen if Pakistan does not agree with Ufa & Shimla spirit,” she made it clear. Sushma asked Pakistan to confirm on their stand by tonight so that India will know whether talks will happen or not.

Sushma issued a point-by-point rebuttal to nail Pakistan’s complicity and clarified more on the Ufa Declaration. “India never stayed away from the dialogue process, but Pakistan played the spoilsport always. It’s high time India and Pakistan jointly address the issue of terrorism to restore peace in their own countries as well as in the region,” she said.

Sushma took a dig at Pakistan’s so-called dossiers, saying a person like Sartaj Aziz should not belittle the importance of such documents by waving them in public. “If Pakistan gives us Dossiers, we will give them a Live Terrorist (Naved)”, she said.

“India’s political leadership is strong enough to survive any pressure; Pakistan is unable to bear it”, said Sushma referring to internal pressure on Pak leadership.

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