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PDP claims support of 55+ MLAs in Jammu & Kashmir

Mehbooba-MuftiPDP Chief Mehbooba Mufti, has made it virtually clear that the next Chief Minister of Jammu & Kashmir will be from the PDP only. She also claimed the support of over 55 MLAs in the 87-member assembly, but refused to take any decision in haste.

After meeting Governor NN Vohra, Mehbooba Mufti said, “We are here to fulfill the aspirations of the people of J&K. We don’t want to grab power by hook or crook or by following any unfair means. Our concern is about the people of J&K and hopefully, the national parties will rise above party politics to support us. Or else, any government that assumes power in J&K, won’t be able to work properly”.

She also hailed NDA Government for ensuring free and fair polls in the state that witnessed a record polling percentage this year. He hailed PM Modi’s development agenda and expressed confidence that he will come true to his words when it comes to the welfare of J&K people. Mehbooba Mufti also recalled the peace process and development agenda initiated by then PM Atal Biihari Vajpayee.

The PDP has now started to play mind game with the BJP and other political parties in Jammu & Kashmir. By claiming the support of 55+ MLAs, she has triggered a debate with speculations and rumours. If we add PDP (28), NC (15) and Congress (12), it becomes 55. Some Independents will also support them, making it 55+. Already, there is a talk of grand alliance sans BJP.

If we add PDP (28), BJP (25) and People’s Conference (2), it becomes 55. They might also secure support of some Independents, making the total count 55+. It would be interesting to see which way PDP will be going in future. It has to depend on the BJP for central assistance. But, some PDP MLAs are reluctant to back the BJP because of ideological difference.

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