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PM Modi holds massive roadshow at Sabarmati Riverfront

ONI Bureau: On the last day of campaigning for Gujarat Polls, Prime Minister Narendra Modi not only launched a major ‘airstrike’ in the state by boarding the first-ever Seaplane in Gujarat, which made history by landing on a river unlike the ones in Kerala and Andamans that landed on the Sea.

The Prime Minister also held a massive roadshow, as the crowd erupted to get glimpse of him. He did not disappoint the crowd, shook hands with the people and greeted them. He was also seen interacting with women and elderly people came in larger numbers to meet him.

“My campaign journey in Gujarat, which began with the blessings of Ashapura Mata, ended today with the blessings Maa Amba. Experienced tremendous spiritual bliss and satisfaction of Karma Yog,” tweeted PM Modi.

“Thanks to the blessings of Amba Maa and the Janta Darshan, which is akin to Ishwar Darshan, across Gujarat, I derive renewed strength to work for India. My determination to work towards India’s transformation got fresh vigour,” he added further.

“Earlier today, I travelled on a sea plane from Ahmedabad’s Sabarmati River to Dharoi Dam, taking off and landing on water. This experience was unique. It adds strength to our resolve to harness waterways for India’s progress,” he wrote.

“Effective use of waterways augurs well for tourism. Places like Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Lakshadweep, our vibrant North East, places with many water bodies, big dams, waterways will benefit with usage of sea planes. More tourism also brings greater economic opportunities,” Modi tweeted further.

“Sea plane services can also be helpful during times of medical emergencies. Those needing even quicker access to medical care and those living in remote areas stand to gain a lot,” he tweeted.

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