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PM Modi launches National Air Quality Index

Narendra ModiPrime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday launched the National Air Quality Index to tackle the air pollution. The index will provide information on the quality of air to the public about the level of pollution in the air on a daily basis in real time.

Initially, the service will be implemented in 10 major cities in the country, including Delhi and Mumbai. As many as 46 cities, with a population of more than one million and 20 state capitals will be covered in the next couple of years. The index would certainly enhance public awareness and involvement in air quality improvement.

Addressing the two-day conference of State Environment and Forest Ministers in New Delhi this morning, the Prime Minister emphasised that environment and development can go hand in hand. Mr Modi said, India’s contribution to pollution level is one of the lowest in the world. He also said, India can lead the world to save it from threat of global warming.

Calling upon people across the country to bring changes in their lifestyle to save earth and environment, Mr Modi said, minor changes such as not using the street lights on a full moon night will save substantial amount of energy. Asking people not to exploit the nature, the Prime Minister said, there should be an environment across the country that encourages nature conservation.

Mr Modi said, people who lecture on environment protection refuse to give India nuclear fuel for clean energy.


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