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PM Modi’s Pinstripe Suit auctioned for Rs 4.31 Crore

Modi-SuitThe pinstripe suit worn by Prime Minister Narendra Modi during the meeting with US President Barack Obama on January 25, has been auctioned for a whopping Rs 4.31 crore in Surat.

Businessman Hitesh Laljibhai Patel, MD of Diamonds Private Limited, had the last laugh during the aggressive bidding on the final day. The day started at Rs 1.41 crore, but the bidding went high in the last two hours. Hitesh Laljibhai Patel finally won the bid at the last mining with the price of Rs 4.31 crore. Another person made a bidding of Rs 5 crore, but the bidding process was over by then.

The money collected from the auction, will be spent on Ganga Cleaning Project. As many as 455 other items received by Narendra Modi were put on auction. But, the controversial suit received the global attention. Over Rs 8 crore has been raised from the three-day auction of the items gifted to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, which included Cricket Australia T-shirt gifted to him by bowling legend Brett Lee, idols of various gods, Mahatma Gandhi, a replica of the Father of the Nation’s spectacles, shawls and turbans.

The suit was used by the Opposition as Rs 10 lakh suit. Modi and BJP got a bad name because of that. Later, an NRI businessman Ramesh Bhai Virani confirmed that he had gifted the suit to Modi on the occasion of his son’s wedding.

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