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President gives nod for re-promulgation of Land Ordinance

Pranab MukherjeePresident Pranab Mukherjee on Friday gave his assent to re-promulgate the Land Acquisition Ordinance, a day before it is to lapse.

On March 31, the Union Cabinet had made a recommendation to the President in this regard as the government failed to convert the ordinance into legislation due to stiff opposition in Rajya Sabha.

The new ordinance, which is the 11th by the Narendra Modi government, includes nine amendments that were part of the bill passed in Lok Sabha last month.

At present, the bill is pending before the Rajya Sabha, where the government is in minority.

Most of opposition parties are against the Land Bill describing it as anti- farmer.

Earlier, the President had prorogued the 234th session of the Rajya Sabha last week paving the way for re-issuing of the Ordinance.

Under the Constitution, at least one of the Houses of Parliament has to be prorogued to issue an ordinance. Budget Session of Parliament is currently on a month-long recess till 20th of this month.

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