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Production of ‘FLAME tablet’ stopped in MP, Centre informs NHRC

NHRCThe Department of Food and drugs administration of Madhya Pradesh has ordered to stop the production of a pain killer supplied to the different parts of country with post dated manufacturing date.

This order has come after National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) sought action taken report in the matter hearing a complaint of Odisha based rights activist Akhand. The Commission has sought current status of the action taken in the case.

Akhand had alleged that medicines manufactured by Vishal Pharmaceuticals Laboratories of Indore in Madhya Pradesh, with printed manufacturing date of April, 2016 are available in the shops in 2015. The incorrect manufacturing and expiry dates on medicine can have serious consequences on consumer’s health.

The Commission had issued notice the secretary of Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India to file an action taken report within four weeks.

Pursuant to the directions of the Commission, the Under Secretary of Ministry of Health & Family Welfare had informed that a show-cause notice had been issued to manufacturing firm by State Licensing Authority, Food and drugs administration (FDA) of Madhya Pradesh.

“The firm had been asked to submit reply within seven days. Considering the seriousness and as a matter of abundant precaution, stop production order has also been issued for the Drug ‘Flame tablet’ by the Controller, FDA”, the report said.

Considering the reports, the Commission has directed to the Under Secretary, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare to submit current status of action taken by the State Licensing Authority against the manufacturing firm.

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