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Pseudo Seculars raise Agra Conversion Issue in Parliament

Muslims-ConversionWhen Hindus get converted to Christianity or Islam in India, nobody even tries to know what was the reason behind such developments. But, when 60 Muslim families (originally from Kolkata) embraced Hinduism in Agra, the issue rocked the Parliament.

At least 387 people from 60 Muslim families converted into Islam in Agra in Uttar Pradesh where Mulayam Singh Yadav’s party is in power. Some of the families told the media that they took the decision on their own. But, a few of them alleged that they were lured into doing that by Bajrang Dal workers.

The pseudo-secular leaders in India got enough reasons to corner the BJP and Modi government on this issue. While the government washed its hands of the issue, saying law and order is a state subject and the UP Government is free to take action if it finds anything wrong, BSP supremo Mayawati has raised the issue vociferously in Rajya Sabha.

Congress, Trinamool Congress and other political parties have asked the government to order a probe and stop such incidents. Some Muslims who converted reportedly said they were tricked and lured with the offers of BPL and ration cards. The Agra Police have registered FIRs against some people and investigating the matter.

The latest development has raised serious questions whether religious conversion should be stopped in India without any exception. There is no methodology to prove whether one has been converted due to call of his conscience or lure of money and other benefits. It’s better to stop such things if it’s impossible to get any clarity on the matter.

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