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Rajinikanth to float New Party, to contest Polls


ONI Bureau: Ending two decades of speculations, Tamil Superstar Rajinikanth has finally announced his decision to join politics to bring changes in Tamil Nadu. Rajini – The Thalaivar would float a new party and contest in all 234 seats in the next assembly polls in the state.

Social media is abuzz with hashtags #RajinikanthPoliticalEntry and #ThalaivarPoliticalEntry as the superstar made the announcement.

“Democracy is in bad shape right now. All other states have been making fun of us (Tamil Nadu). I will feel guilty if I don’t take this decision now. In the name of democracy, politicians are robbing us of our own money in our own land. We need to bring a change from the base,” he said.

“From the days of kings and rulers looting other countries and kingdoms, we have come to a level where rulers are looting their own country. Truth, work and growth will be the three mantras of our party. I will take a call on whether to contest the Lok Sabha polls at a time closer to them,” he added.

“I am not entering politics for post or position. If I wanted those, I would have got them in 1996 itself. The system has to change. Democracy has been corrupted and needs to be cleansed,” said the Rajinikanth.

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