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RTI reveals Kejriwal Govt’s Corruption in Onion Purchases

Delhi CM KejriwalNew Delhi, Sep 19: Aam Admi Party dethroned the Congress Party from Delhi during election over corruption issue, now the same government is under scanner over its’s corruption in onion purchases.

According to reports, RTI report revealed that the Delhi government had purchased 2637 tonnes of onion at Rs.16 per kg from SFAC. And, the same was sold at Rs 40 per kg. Moreover, the Kejriwal government claimed of giving subsidy of Rs 10 to the people in onion retail price. The marketing team leader of SFAC signed on the sale receipts of onion to Delhi government.

The Delhi government purchased onions at price range between Rs 14 to 20 with an average price of Rs.18 per kg. But sold to the people at Rs 40. As per the reports, the government fixed the price of onion at Rs 33 and Rs 7 for storage and transportation making the retail price to Rs 40.

But, the government is clueless about how and why it determined price at Rs. 33 from purchase price of Rs.14. And, where did the money go, the difference between Rs.33 and Rs.14. Will Arvind Kejriwal take action against his ministers those involved in this scam, just wait and watch.

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