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Second Swine Flu Death in Uttar Pradesh

swine fluSwine flu has claimed its second victim in Uttar Pradesh in two days, sending alarm bells ringing in the health department and the state government. The second death was reported from the from Command Army Hospital when a 48-year-old woman collapsed owing to breathlessness and other respiratory ailments, a health official told Friday.

The victim was admitted to a hospital Jan 13 with complaints of breathlessness. She was diagnosed with pulmonary edema. She was shifted to the intensive care unit (ICU) and put on life support after which her swab test was done. Tests conducted at the Sanjay Gandhi Post-graduate Institute of Medical Sciences (SGPGI) concluded that she was suffering from swine flu after which she was moved to an isolation ward. She was administered Tamiflu, the drug for swine flu, but could not be saved. She died late Thursday.

The health department has stepped up vigil and has issued a helpline number to bring to notice any patients showing symptoms of swine flu. The hospital authorities said they had administered doses of Tamiflu to the husband and three children of the deceased as a matter of precaution. They have also been kept under close observation, officials said. The husband, a retired army personnel, told officials that her wife had complained of minor cold Jan 10 after which she underwent a check up. A day earlier another retired army trooper had died of swine flu. (IANS)

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