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Shashi Tharoor questions PM Modi over ‘spying’ on Rahul

Shashi TharoorCongress MP Shashi Tharoor on Sunday questioned Prime Minister Narendra Modi after Delhi Police sought details about Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi. In a series of tweets, Tharoor said the prime minister needed to explain why the government needed details of a person protected by the Special Protection Group (SPG).

“PMOIndia needs to explain why it needs details of a person protected by the SPG. All his movements are recorded by SPG,” Tharoor tweeted.“Police sought telephone numbers, addresses of Rahul Gandhi’s associates and friends. Delhi Police need to clarify why this info was needed,” said the MP.

Terming the incident as ‘Snoopgate 2’, Tharoor said: “Original Snoopgate involved misuse of Gujarat government machinery for surveillance of a woman. Snoopgate2 involves misuse of police versus opponents ?” Delhi Police personnel visited Rahul Gandhi’s residence last week and also sought details about his height and colour of eyes and hair. (IANS)

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