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Slap to Critics, PM denounces Modi Temple in Rajkot

Modi-TempleSince yesterday, the Modi baiters and a hostile media have been making a hue and cry over the Modi Temple built at Kothariya Road in Rajkot in Gujarat. However, they did not try to know what PM Narendra Modi thought about it. The PM denounces such acts of sycophancy and eulogy, saying it is against the Indian culture and traditions.

“Have seen the news about a Temple being built in my name. I was appalled. This is shocking & against India’s great traditions”, tweeted Modi.

“Building such Temples is  not what our culture teaches us. Personally, it made me very sad. Would urge those doing it not to do it”.

“If you have time & resources, please devote the same towards fulfilling our dream of a Clean India”, tweeted the PM.

The Modi Temple came up at a 350 sq yard plot, owned by Kothariya Gram Panchayat earlier, but now with Rajkot Municipal Corporation. While the temple was built at a cost of Rs 7 lakh, the idol was worth Rs 1.7 lakh. The temple was scheduled to be inaugurated on February 16.

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