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Sunanda Murder Case: Shashi Tharoor in Trouble

Sunanda-TharoorCongress MP Shashi Tharoor’s domestic help, Narayan Singh, interrogated by Delhi Police twice earlier, was Thursday called for questioning, police said. The special team investigating the murder of Tharoor’s wife Sunanda Pushkar took Singh to an undisclosed location in south Delhi, an official said.

On Wednesday night, Tharoor’s staff received a notice from police asking Singh to join the probe.”Narayan was in Himachal Pradesh. He came here today (Thursday) morning and left for the police station,” a staff member at Tharoor’s residence said.

Police Commissioner B.S. Bassi said they had not sent any legal notice to Tharoor to join the probe yet. Tharoor, in a letter to Bassi dated Nov 12 that became public knowledge Wednesday, said a Delhi Police officer attempted to implicate him and Singh in the murder of his wife.

Tharoor said four Delhi Police officers interrogated Singh for 16 hours Nov 7 and for 14 hours Nov 8. On both days, Tharoor alleged that Singh was “repeatedly physically assaulted by one of your officers”. Pushkar was found dead in mysterious circumstances in a luxury hotel here in January last year. Police said Tuesday that Pushkar was poisoned to death.

Meanwhile, it has been confirmed that Congress leader Shashi Tharoor, who was asked by Delhi Police to join the probe into the mysterious death of his wife Sunanda Pushkar, is undergoing ayurvedic rejuvenation treatment at a centre in this Kerala district.

“Tharoor was busy finishing his book and he was undergoing a 14-day general wellness programme for ailments like frozen shoulder and stiffness,” owner of Perumbayil Ayurveda Mana (ayurveda centre) Sajeev Kurup said.

“He was here for a week in September and then he was told to undergo a 14-day in-house therapy. His present 14-day therapy started Dec 26,” he said. Kurup said the treatment of the Lok Sabha member from Thiruvananthapuram will be over by Friday and he should be out of the centre in the evening.

“Some people who undergo the 14-day rejuvenation treatment protocol ask for an additional day to remain in the centre and that’s basically meant for getting back to normal routine. So far, Tharoor has not asked for an extension,” he said.

Tharoor’s wife Sunanda Pushkar, 52, died in mysterious circumstances in a Delhi hotel Jan 17 last year. Tharoor was then a minister in the government of then prime minister Dr. Manmohan Singh. (IANS)

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