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Terror Boat Operation Claim puts DIG Loshali in the Dock

DIG-Loshali-Coast-GuardDisciplinary action has been initiated against Coast Guard Deputy Inspector General (DIG) B.K. Loshali, who had boasted at a function that he had ordered to blow the Pakistani terror boat up on the nights of December 31, as he did not want to serve the terrorists biryani inside prison.

The Indian Express and its National Editor Praveen Swami published the news today, which boosted Pakistan’s position and embarrassed the government. Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar later rubbished the claims, saying no such things happened. He ordered a probe against Loshali, who later did a u-turn and said he never said it.

Since the Indian Express already released a video, which showed Loshali making tall claims, the Coast Guard too expressed shock over this. It later turned out that Loshali happens to be just an Administrative Officer and was in change of welfare of staff. He was not at all associated with operations. Hence, it was absurd for him to claim that he could control such a high profile operation.

Although Loshali tried to put up a volt face, saying he could not order the Pakistani vessel to be blown up, as he was not in charge of the midnight operation, the damage was already done.

The Congress Party and JD(U) are unfortunately raising questions on the entire operation and strengthening Pakistan’s position. Some Congress leaders even went on record to claim that it was a fake encounter by the Modi Government, bringing disrepute to the Indian military forces. Pakistan has used this occasion to malign the Indian Army and Indian Navy.

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