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Yoga can help reduce Healthcare Costs: Narendra Modi

Modi YogaThe practise of yoga can lead to a reduction in healthcare costs, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said at a conference here to mark the first International Yoga Day on Sunday.

“Yoga is not a system but a state of being. It is a philosophy and not just a set of exercises,” Modi said at the conference.

The prime minister said that stress and many lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and hypertension can be handled with yoga.

“The burden of diseases are shifting to non-communicable diseases. There is ample evidence that practicing yoga helps combat stress,” he said, and added that yoga also helps in full development of mental powers.

“There can be an enormous reduction in cost of healthcare if yoga is practised. It can increase power of innovation, technology and knowledge and upgrade the quality of life.”

He said in a world suffering from mental stress, yoga promises peace. “It creates focus and concentration, promises strength. We live in a world divided by material gains and in conflict over failure to understand each other.”

“It is said that yoga transforms lives. There is nobody who does not want to live life to the full. Yoga is the key to living life to its full,” Modi said.

The prime minister also released commemorative coins and a postage stamp marking the International Yoga Day at the function.(IANS)

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