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Yoga Day marks start of New Era: PM Modi

Yoga day marks start of new eraPrime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday joined thousands practising yoga at the Rajpath in New Delhi and said the International Yoga Day on June 21 was the start of a new era for training the human mind for peace and harmony.

Speaking at a function marking the start of International Yoga Day here at the Rajpath, Modi said yoga is not only an exercise to make the body flexible but a path for inner development.

“It marks a new era of training of human mind for peace and harmony,” said Modi who wore a white T-shirt and was seen doing yoga as well.

About 37,000 people are taking part in the yoga programme on the Rajpath.

Modi began his speech by asking: “Did anybody ever think that Rajpath can become Yogpath.”

“United Nations is celebrating International Yoga divas today. I think it is not any other day, but an effort to achieve peace and harmony.”

“I bow to the gurus who have kept this tradition alive since centuries,” he said.

He said: “Yoga is not a physical activity, if that would have been the case, then people working in circus would have been yogis.”

While the main function is being held at Rajpath, the International Yoga Day events are being held across cities, towns and districts in the country.

Yoga day events are also being held in 192 countries, including in the Arab world.

India will seek to break a few records on the day, besides of the largest yoga gathering at a single spot with 37,000 people performing different yogic asanas or positions. (IANS)

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