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Zuber Ahmed Khan ‘Journalist’ from Mumbai spreads anti-India Venom

Zuber AhmedHe identifies himself as the Editor-in-Chief of ‘Journalists for International Peace’, but has vowed to destroy the peace of India, calling the country as a communal nation. Although he lives in Mumbai, he seeks to wage a war against India and seeks ISIS help. Why Mumbai Police remains silent?

This religious bigot and fanatic is identified as Zuber Ahmed Khan. He wants to divide the nation by invoking passion among the Muslims. He calls Yakub Memon as a ‘Martyr’ and writes that ‘A Muslim was murdered in cold blood’. He is ashamed of being in India and slams Government, Judiciary, Constitution and the System.

Zuber calls for an uprising. He wants every Muslim to become Yakub and destroy India. He calls the government ‘Terrorist’ and Judiciary ‘biased’. His blogspot page – http://zuberahmed.blogspot.in carries a photograph, which he claims as the face of Yakub Memon after hanging.

In a previous post on July 29, Zuber Ahmed Khan, had written a letter on his Facebook wall, seeking a job as the ‘Official Spokesperson’ or ‘Government Journalist’ in the Islamic State (IS). He has addressed Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in his post. He claims of enough proof and evidences of Indian atrocities on Muslims and wrote, ” I am ready to relinquish the citizenship of India if I am selected at the ISIS”.

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